Nintendo Labo Classroom Program

Making learning fun

Since Nintendo Labo kits combine hands-on creation and technology, they can be a great way to illustrate basic STEAM concepts, as well as skills including:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving

The Nintendo Labo Teacher Guide

The teacher guide was developed in partnership with professional educators and curriculum designers, and offers implementation ideas, curricular connections and activities for Nintendo Labo that can be adapted to many different educational settings.

Download Teacher Guide

See Nintendo Labo in action

Kids work in teams to build, play, and discover the concepts that bring Nintendo Labo to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nintendo Labo kits provide the tools to make DIY creations, called Toy-Con, play games with a mix of physical and digital experiences using these creations, and discover how Nintendo Switch technology brings it all to life. Learn more on the official site.

The Nintendo Switch™ gaming system lets people play their favorite games at home or on the go. It includes a built-in screen plus Joy-Con™ controllers with HD Rumble, motion controls, and an IR Motion Camera that help bring Nintendo Labo creations to life. Learn more on the official site.

Nintendo Labo can support the development of skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving. The kits provide a fun way for kids to explore basic STEAM topics (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) together and be entertained while building a fundamental understanding of the technology behind them.

Nintendo brought the unique experience of Nintendo Labo to 100 schools across the country to the delight and enrichment of teachers and students involved in STEAM-related learning. Our program with Institute of Play concluded as planned on March 31, 2019. Our online teacher’s guide will remain available to download for free.