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  • “An incredible learning tool that’s a blast to play” - The Verge
  • “There's a constant sense of creativity and discovery… that kids are likely to find highly rewarding.” - Common Sense Media
  • “...every bit as imaginative as the games that made the company a household name.” - Yahoo! Finance
Nintendo Labo Creators Contest

Check out the winning creations for Best Decorated Toy-Con.

The Tonight Show
Toy-Con Garage Part 3
Toy-Con Garage Part 2
Toy-Con Garage Part 1
Bill Nye
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Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit
Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit
Developer Interview

Get the story behind Nintendo Labo from some of the people who created it.

Nintendo Labo FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about making, building, and discovering with Nintendo Labo.


See what people are saying from the Nintendo Labo events from around the world.

  • Rico S.

    "[Nintendo] Labo is the kind of experience that you only get from Nintendo…"

  • Luis P.

    "There's magic in this cardboard. I understand how it works but I choose to believe it's more."

  • Chad B.

    "I liked discovering how my 6-year old, 11-year old, and 13-year old all could create and build…"

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  • “[Labo]...marries the simplicity of cardboard with high-tech sensors to create something truly wonderful.” - Yahoo! Finance
  • “[Nintendo] Labo… encourages users not only to build their own accessories but also to understand how they function.” - The Verge
  • “[Nintendo] Labo is an experience where creating and building are just as much fun as playing.” - The Verge